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Prep time – 10mins


Cooking time – 0mins


Serves – 1

Dairy Free
Ketogenic Diet
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Ingredients Qty Protein Fat CHO
Whey powder 80% protein – 2 heaped tablespoons 25g 20 1 3
Coconut cream (20% fat) – 1/4 cup 60ml 1 12 2
Chia seeds – 2 teaspoons 6g 1 2 0.5
* LSA – 2 teaspoons 6g 1 3 1
Kale or spinach, tender soft leaves – 1 leaf 1 cup 1 0 0
Stevia or erythritol – to taste to taste 0 0 0
Water – 250ml (extra to add when blending) 1 cup 0 0 0
Total per serve 24g 18g 7g

Serves – 1
per Serve – 280 cal   /   1180 kJ
for Dairy Free – substitute whey powder for an alternative; see below for more information

Pre-soaking the Seeds
Add 250ml of water to a jar then add psyllium husks, chia seeds and LSA. Secure the lid and shake then store in the fridge (overnight if possible).
Note: pre-soaking will create a thicker consistency and will avoid the mistake of too much fibre without enough water – this can lead to unpleasant effects later for some people.

Blending the Shake
Remove the stalk from the kale and add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. You can add more water for a thinner consistency, or you can add ice for a thicker, cooler shake.
Pour into a large glass.

* LSA is a pre-ground meal of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. You will find this in most supermarkets in the bulk section or prepacked.

More about protein powders
Look for a plain protein powder that is about 80% protein. You can work this out by looking at the Nutrition Information Panel – the table of numbers on the packet. Find the per 100g column and move down to see how many grams of protein there are. About 80g of protein per 100g means it is 80% protein.

If you don’t want to use whey concentrate powder, other options are rice or soy, rice and pea protein powders.