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Prep time – 10mins


Cooking time – 0mins


Serves – 4

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Soy Free
Ingredients Qty Protein Fat CHO
Passionfruit pulp - 4 large fruits 4 1.5 0.5 9
Mango - 1 large 340g 3 1 45
Coconut cream (18% fat) - 1 tin 400ml 4 73 10
Total per serve 2g 19g 16g

Serves – 4
per Serve –   240 cal   /   990 kJ

Adjust the ingredients to suit.

• If you are keeping carbs low, use passionfruit, strawberries and/or raspberries with coconut cream or coconut yogurt.
• If you are keeping fat or calories low, mango, passionfruit and almond milk is a nice combination.

Note: this will have an icy texture, not creamy. Creamy ice-creams have more steps and take more time (e.g. churning, whipping or using an ice-cream maker). Popsicles are quick to make though, and a refreshing icy treat.

• Add ingredients (except passionfruit if using) to a blender and puree.
• Stir through passionfruit.
• Pour into moulds and freeze.