It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that we are exposed to all manner of toxins; in our homes, cars and workplaces, in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. These unavoidable toxins can do a lot of damage to your cells through a process known as oxidation (or free radical damage), which also contributes to the ageing process. Sulforaphane is a component of broccoli that may help provide protection against the stressors of modern living thanks to its ability to clear toxins and reduce free radical damage, helping you and your cells feel healthier and happier. Eat Your Greens! Many vegetables contain protective plant-based phytochemicals, particularly those from the Brassica (cabbage) family such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. These protective compounds (known as isothiocyanates) contain sulphur, which can make them taste bitter or hot (they are also constituents of mustard, wasabi and horseradish). One of the more important isothiocyanates is sulforaphane. Broccoli has been called the ‘Queen of Vegetables’ for good reason – it is particularly rich in sulforaphane, and regular consumption is an important part of a healthy diet for a healthy life. The Many Benefits of Sulforaphane Sulforaphane not only stimulates detoxification – the process of removing toxins from the body; it is a potent antioxidant as well. This means it helps to clean up your system and repair cellular damage at the same time. These actions are immensely useful, and sulforaphane from broccoli has been shown to improve a wide range of health conditions including autism, heart disease, type two diabetes, asthma, allergies, prostate problems and many more. Sprouts for Sulforaphane Including broccoli and other veggies from the cabbage family in your diet is definitely a good idea. For stronger therapeutic actions you would need to eat quite a large amount of broccoli though, and additional sulforaphane can be beneficial in many instances. Taking broccoli sprouts is one of the most effective ways to get sulforaphane. Here’s to a Healthier You The following tips can help support your body’s natural detoxification processes and reduce oxidation:

  • Ensure your diet contains a wide selection of coloured fruits and veggies; these are rich in antioxidants phytochemicals for optimal health.
  • Drink 2 Litres of filtered water each day to support toxin clearance (the 2 litres can include herbal teas).
  • Get plenty of exercises. As well as improving cellular health and circulation, exercise encourages sweating which is a great way to detox.

If you want to add some therapeutic levels of sulforaphane to your day, there are a range of supplements that include broccoli sprouts. Ask a qualified Herbalist for a formulation suitable to your needs.